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Ekaterina Alekseevna was the hostess of a large network of perfumery shops. Came nearer on March 8, it was necessary to provide all shops with production for a holiday and to give the corresponding instructions to directors of shops. Her house was in 10 км. от the cities, plus on it was necessary to reach office in the center, On .

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And as that one of these days we noted a birthday in neighbors, and it is clear that there was and alcohol I kept that will not tell about Ira. The lady to us it is not far, good though parents had children. I let's touch options at once. We live near the small river and there often fishermen come on fishing with spending the night.

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Kakimto in a way having dragged this sucker Valera on itself, having represented the tempted virtue, Nadka jumped out for it in marriage. At marriage registration Valera even took its surname. and the maiden began to behave more carefully. If to whom gave, in silent, without wishing to be lit. I can thrust this firewood to myself in. I can spread out a pioneer fire I Can go on.

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Its smile was kind. He was glad to be here. This situation was pleasant to it. As well as me. Gdeto in me the anticipation чегото gradually accrued. I took it by the hand and silently took away in a drawing room.