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At the moments when her throat was free, it published inarticulate groan when I deeply entered into it it calmed down, but every minute, sounds became louder and louder. Observing this marvelous picture, these sounds, I felt that in spite of the fact that I finished today more than once, to me drove ecstasy. I already hardly could restrain, sometimes I till some seconds did not remove Lera from the member when throat spasms came to an end, I a hand pressed her neck and the member probed in it. From a mouth and Lera's nose saliva and snivels hanged down, eyes were covered that was unclear, whether in consciousness it, absolutely wild picture almost unconscious or being junked girl in which circle the condoms used by Sergey which is covered then everything, hair which are tousled are scattered many would seem, from a bottom my sperm, in a mouth up to the nose the member flows down, on my small egg flows down her snivels and saliva, its rattle, Sergey's rattle but then it was so exciting, voobshchy having made some friktsiya in her throat and having tried to push the member further away with her throats, I terminated, took some more seconds, then I took out the member from a throat, heard a wild breath, exhaled still a breath, an exhalation, a breath with wild shout, and deafening shout on an exhalation, which proceeded the whole eternity, probably minutes five against which even Sergey's loud rattle was not audible absolutely.

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I already paid to doctors for all plastic surgeries and I think soon they will remove your scars on a face. But scars left you and the others on my heart will be not not removed by anybody. Now here I do not know how to live further. I ceased to trust people. I ceased to believe in love.

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Here such juicy story Secretary For it there so waited that it, without having been late at all on an entrance, instantly rolled in a love bosom. I began moving by a basin to humour this paradise creation, trying to deliver to it a pleasure maximum. On a strong techka and gentle groans I understood that I do everything correctly. Mysterious lover I for myself chose a room on the third floor in a building corner as it was the most light having two windows on one wall and one on lateral where there was a pass at a bed to a bedside table with a new desk lamp over which hung up the photo of my lost husband in a frame under glass. Then I felt as that that thick and dense beginning in to go to me. Entered slowly, densely and without causing any pain.

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Lariska, I then the provincial little girl was and, certainly, in it would not be engaged, but they are able, mountaineers to look after. Yes, not including my Oleg. Conversation of women was interrupted by the entering Andrey with a package in hands. Having entrusted them to assort purchases, it went to a room.