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Uuummm. It flung away me aside and ordered to rise in a corner. Further before eyes everything floated, I only managed to hear as my Sovereign, called up Nastya to myself and enjoined over it to kneel. Further everything darkened. I plunged in какойто a gloomy, leaden sleep.

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I laid down under a tree, having put under the head a backpack. The girl from the first group nearby took seat, one of that three that obviously do not approach on age for пионерлагеря. I, at last, considered it closer. Beautiful brunette. Short hairstyle.

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But most important facts. They were delivered accurately, clearly, literally in two languages. And the facts laid down in a mosaic and a brain having instantly counted options issued the optimum decision How many is sold actions of the oil company. Stop on Seryogin's all exchanges to me run Victor you will immediately take under protection Olga K.works in my concern for you Connect to the adviser of the president for economic safety if is not present in the region, with the END Pindostan's everyday life So let's invite now in this studio the activist сносов monuments. Meet Danayu.

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Jack cleared the throat, trying not to show excitements of lines and similar meetings for the real Mick a commonplace. Only do not ask me as where to pass, the darling. I do not know this city, прочирикал it. With accent imitation, as usual, it turned out not so, but at the girl no doubts arose. It called Karen, and she argued that at all and did not look for it, and came into restaurant, where wanted to call the boy friend to tear with it all relations. It is possible, so it and was, but Jack saw that it reacts to it in the same way, as well as the others.