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That she meant, it was necessary to guess only. We returned to a corridor on the floor, silently dispersed according to the numbers. A half of night I did not sleep, partly изза the endured excitement, partly изза the neighbor who after the fat deduced loud roulades in a dream. It was necessary чтото to do, I would not bear one more such test.

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And it, a thin stream of golden liquid, murmuring, got to me to the throat and flowed away down. I felt, as my mouth was quickly filled, and following urine began to flow on my breast and the vzdyblenny member. I never would think that I can be raised from it. Bang me. That you hesitate.

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After several piles all became a little bit languished and slightly liberated. Toasts were said one behind one, glasses rose constantly and devastated. I too talked какуюто nonsense, and even once suggested it to drink on брудершафт. It seeing a heap of curious eyes delicately refused, though I an interior felt. that чтото should occur this evening. Binge proceeded, but as the people, in the bulk all family, began to gather home, one at first disappeared, then others, the third.

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Our FRIEND VALERA We with any got acquainted with Valera according to the announcement. pleasant man of 35 years. agreed will meet in hotels. мы any took with itself dressing gowns were washed in soul laid a small table and began to wait to a value. it arrived we got acquainted and it left to be washed. and here it left a shower the member at it already there were as a stake big and stout about 19 and 5 we with any with astonishment exchanged glances looking at his handsome.