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And here, at last, we come back to Khankala. Construction near armoured personnel carriers, weapon check, the report and we are free. Passing to the tent, I saw strangers, and among them the tall nice girl, then I learned that to us there arrived sponsors from Moscow. The type of this girl was so is not habitual among strict army reality, in the head at once were carried by by a thought swarm.

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Выпив a little more hot I to the godmother I speak that if you see as Katya strikes with another on what it would answer I looked at it and I to it speak will go and we went on that place where I them saw yesterday having approached on bushes we saw that Olya and Katya stand and kiss and guys rumple hands of their buttocks of godmothers were shocked. Then Olya having sat down on hunkers the member got it and began to suck greedy her mouth so worked that it to me so his member never did was very thick more than mine twice having pulled down from it a top it rumpled her boobs and pinched nipples. Katya too did not lag behind Igor the member inserted into her mouth and fast the member too huge and when Katya lifted it it began them to move at it having lifted it from knees began to remove from it shorts of godmothers stood as zavarozhony and Katya during this moment having laid on Igor's back having sent it the member to itself her pizdenka hardly it sat down on it accepted but it it so it was pleasant that she all jumped on it quicker. Slavik too put Olya a cancer and having sent to the mighty member to her small hole and she already screamed ь when it tired out it on the eggs and that Katya that Olya so groaned that at me the member became stone to us with the godfather everything it was visible as their cats worked at members and their mouths published such sounds that I even did not hear the such. Then Slavik having risen approached to Katya having raised her hand and the member it срадастью inserted into it took and sent it to a mouth and Olya approached to Igor having become on четвереньки the member got from Katya it and too began to suck after they having exchanged our wives began to bang again them and when business came to an end Olya and Katya having sat down on prisyadka jerked off to them and I saw as раздрочины their cats of a sponge amuse and were all red and men began to finish to them on a breast and they smeared sperm on it.

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Groan escaped from my lips and lips of the client. Now the chief threw off everything from a table, laid down on it, and I villages on his member sing. My anus hurt a little, but nevertheless I decided to act. Meanwhile the client thrust the member to me into a cunt, and I felt double penetration.

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Then I laid down sideways and involved it in myself. Having thrown one foot on my hip, it nestled all over, demanding continuation. Our lips merged in a kiss while my fingers continued to caress both openings alternately. It sighed from excitement and licked me in an ear.