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And now, Eugene, change, please, there far away from a headboard and sit quietly, do not interfere at all with Katenkinogo's process of awakening and my actions, Jeanne exactingly and strictly declared. Please. Well then sit down far away and be silent as fish while I let's a sign seem to you to Katenka. Hardly I was in time пересестьКатя started to wake up, is sweet зачмокала a sosochka, reached in the odeyalka, slowly to roll out legs, slightly coiling.

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Go to itself and go to bed, Tatyana strictly told, addressing to the daughter. That obediently left a room though it was visible that she very much would not like to leave. I very much worry for its destiny, there began the story Tatyana, it already executed sixteen years, and it does not have anybody, does not go anywhere with anybody does not communicate, is at home. Very timid and any hammered. Here I also should teach it to our female knowledge. And you were pleasant to me.

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Now this property of my office played to me not a hand. I took the panel and turned on the audio system. On one of disks I had a classical music and I chose Motsatr symphonies. Music poured down pure and fresh, weakening a body and ennobling spirit.

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And. I heard its equal breath. Fell asleep. Yes it to me gave. The truth to me presented the girl, she here has a rest, we got acquainted on the pool, and got to talking. and she to me simply presented this feature.