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Near the friend the friend. She knows nothing about us, but certainly guesses, in her eyes jealousy fire burns. You study it a stare, a body of the competitor, an eye of that which as it seems to you takes your place near me. It is interesting to watch this silent game of eyes of two women which so wish to possess me. Who will take the first step, who will decide.

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After such quantity of emotions and sex, I was on the last legs. As the loving girl, I calmed Andrey. I told lies to it, having told that he called to me a taxi and paid for a trip home. OUR WHORES Hello I want to tell you history about our wives with the godfather my Olya and Katya the wife of the godfather.

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I noticed that the wife often was fond of conversations with Aram as it seemed to me, flirted with it. In two hours of a way we stopped, to run, to whom it is necessary in a toilet, to drink in roadside cafe of coffee. Started to darken. Having drunk coffee, decided to go to a toilet, but at once in small thickets at cafe, our women indoors went to a toilet. Having already started to empty the bladder, I saw, how a building leave Lena, Amin and Aram. I stories a sensuality stiffened, spying upon them.

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The jealousy was not, and everything silently understood that we happened not. Agreed in the evening to descend to take a walk in park, to drink there at small restaurant wine, for the evening in hotel there was a program, today there came any guitarist and still a known pevichka. Yes, while were together went in Vorontsovsky, on the Canyon, the Nikitsky garden Yes it touched yesterday beer and everything, and slept off Well, I will try Yes, thanks Yes, it is ready Take off a dress. Quicker chippy. I threw off a dress through the head.