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Ahmed went to a bedroom, and I undressed to swimming trunks and was arranged on a sofa. Not to fall asleep, I did not begin to lay down, and simply sat and watched TV. Thoughts on sex with Dinka did not abandon me for a minute. Periodically I approached to doors sleeping and listened to that there occurs. But occurred nothing.

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Near the friend the friend. She knows nothing about us, but certainly guesses, in her eyes jealousy fire burns. You study it a stare, a body of the competitor, an eye of that which as it seems to you takes your place near me. It is interesting to watch this silent game of eyes of two women which so wish to possess me.

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We gathered to demolish a monument to one of heroes of Confederation. There was a statue with the military leader on a horse. But before demolishing it, we decided to mock at it properly. Yes, here now on video just that moment when me place that I climbed on a monument.

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Look, how I want you. I am ready to be given directly here. Too to me. There is no in you a student's romanticism. Continuous prose.