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In general we have with Roman rather close and friendly a relation as are familiar years 25, from school. Therefore we quite freely lifts in conversation and eroticheskopornografichesky subjects and quite freely we share not only the adventures on the sexual front, but also problems in family life, the benefit we married at rather late age, in 27 years and in one year. Even children at us were born with a difference in only some months. So problems of family life were similar, close and clear, as however at the majority of men under a sorokovnik.

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Victor revived and swam up on closer, and Andrey even sobered up and jumped on feet, but force of an attraction affected his body and he right there back plopped down in water. Irka it is proud looked at them from above, began to smile, began to wag buttocks from the party in the parties, Victor заулюлюкал, and Andryushka applauded. All right, looked at me, then on each of guys, extended a neck, lifted a chin, showing that the neck, extended in in front of the handle, overturned palms up, she admired them, and then straightened a body, rose on knees. Then do not say that it did not see, she addressed to the audience, in reply guys roughly began to clap on water. It was visible on how many Irka it was happy with itself, that so look at it, and that it can show now to them the flexibility, it is her pride and it from it now on the present was dragged.

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It did not sustain, knees shiver, laid down on a back, and I certainly kissed her hips, and a stone near a pubis. The desire overflowed. I concerned its gentle sponges covered with a light down. Language felt salty and gentle skin.

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I was overstocked with goods not bad and quietly went home, more similar to a pack donkey. Apartments at us leave in the general corridor, and it is locked. From it all residents have keys, but only I regularly these keys forget one and I call neighbors that they opened a door from within. Naturally, I forgot a key and this time. Called and remembered that neighbors just left this apartment in the morning. And already was going to call to the following call as in a corridor easy steps and a door were heard swung open, having shown the girl семнадцативосемнадцати years, the neighbour's daughter.