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It was close to the real rape because after such sex we were both in grazes and scratches. But after alcohol disappeared, she again became the approximate housewife. Here and today after the drunk cognac it attacked on me as a wild cat do with me everything that you want, she said yes then go to a hall and bang Igor is not present you promised, differently I too will not observe the promises it long poor-mouthed, why it, I cannot and etc. At last it bothered me, I sharply pulled out хуй from her cat and turned away to a wall.

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Friday Today Friday and all conversations only about the forthcoming carousal. I perfectly know, how it for me will end. Here already all happy and drunk gather home. He helped me to put on and saw to the house.

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I felt чтото like a finger resting against my back pass, but is thicker. At introduction I did not hold liquid, and the doctor strongly slapped me on buttocks. My genitals were investigated very in details, and the doctor, appear, was going to conduct infinitely gynecologic survey, entering at first one, then three fingers into my vagina. His slippery finger was inserted into my back pass, and rotation, input and removal of a finger from a rectum were started over again. Then the doctor введ in back pass two fingers, having stretched it is stronger.

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It was necessary to gather. Though the scheme washing chronically did not work, and I not absolutely understood why. I looked certainly well and on a meeting put on on more beautifully. I go in for sports, to the pool I go.