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You want some cold water, she asked, stretching me a glass Thanks, I answered and drank water. Then I went and sat down in a chair. First I read and prepared for examination, but then was tired and slightly dozed off, but did not fall down. In few minutes I felt a touch to my breast and necks, I opened eyes, and it was Nina Aleksandrovna.

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Day of the defender of the fatherland Today on February 23, the spouse since morning smartened up as could. Put on the long harmonous legs thin chulochka and black openwork shorts. It was twisted before me in kitchen with naked breasts while I drank coffee. Through appearing-through shorts piercing on smoothly shaved писюльке gleamed. Then was removed in a bathroom to twist to itself curls.

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Lyosha ironed my groin over silk shorts, and Slavik rumpled my rolls. We drank for acquaintance and for us beautiful, and then when children grasped the meaning that where we from them will not get to, suggested to continue communication гденибудь in other place. We agreed and left from a disco. Me already ебал the second person when наконецто near me, there was in the unbuttoned blouse and with the lowered brassiere Irina whom as, standing a cancer with a stress on a handrail, started to snuffle and rock under the influence of friktsiya когото from cadets. Her breasts rocked in a step of her ebushchy boy. I looked down and saw that trousers and shorts removed from Irina absolutely and a blouse with a brassiere were in fact the unique clothes on it except a shoe.

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Everything began with that It boiled a teapot and poured on tea, then prepared to eat and poured in two wine-glasses on 50 g of ice vodka. We ate, cut approximately on 100150г. talked, laughed over our chiefs and I told that was very tired and I want to sleep. It laid to me in a small room on a small one-and-a-half sofa, I descended in a bath and went to bed having wished it good night, she during that moment read the book lying in a bed. I laid down and did not notice, how fell asleep.