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I felt the big debtor before the friend and was ready to execute any his desire. Iza asked me to lift a skirt of the wife, it removed her shorts and kissed her on vulvar lips, on what my darling a breast deviated back it, and a basin came nearer to his face. Yes such I from it did not expect. The kiss lasted less than a minute.

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We freely entered in inside. The beauty of a hall impressed, there was a lot of service staff, guests of evening were quite young people with the companions, but at advance on a hall, I felt as everything on me look. anything, I as нибудь пробьюс. I smiled.

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Inga loudly moaned, having shaken hair, she croaked Arthur did not force itself to ask twice, it seized Inga by hips and from all urine, pressed itself in the woman. Inga screamed from pain, the member for the first time hit it in a uterus. Then she got used. The wave of an orgasm covered it, then the second. Arthur appeared in time also soon, the stream of sperm filled her vagina. Inga was, as in a fog.

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In some years after a marriage we decided to get the child. Pregnancy worked on me okhlazhdayushche in the sexual plan. I long refused to the husband a conjugal duty, and it, knowing that it temporary, patiently waited, and did not try to force me, respecting and loving. Soon after the delivery the passion really returned to me. However чтото changed.