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Though I will be guilty, but for me it is very important, that about this my offense, did not know who. I do not want, that to my children, once told that their mother the prostitute. I do not know, how about Olechka, and concerning the girlfriend Marina Nikolaevna Romashinoy, you make injustice, arguing that she can become your mistress. Your girlfriend, the sweetest Raisa Olegovna and to you it will be known, until recently, already was my mistress.

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Ania obediently executed its order. Now the chief began to get into Ania's buttocks even more deeply, than earlier. Ania groaned, the chief started to publish loud roar and roughly terminated it in buttocks, having strong compressed hands her breast. After they rose, Ania wiped sperm traces from the buttocks, put on and went to itself to an office. Here so my wife became a whore for the chief. Contract at any cost.

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I began to like to go to business trips, but it is other history. Yours faithfully your author Nikita. Boleemeney in detail told, confusedly and all occurring bangs with me. Volodya told that he listens to our conversation and is visible therefore cannot lower and suggested to replace a pose. I only on 30 seconds. Stopped conversation with the husband what to change a pose.