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Part 9. In the plane she tried to doze, but obscene visions let's be forgotten. In them it dashingly copulated to the right and on the left. After arrival the chief allocated with it day of rest. Business partners The matter is that Olga is pleasant already long ago to me.

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Having been confused, I answered. We long talked, in the beginning subjects were, only about work, but after a while it passed to usual conversation behind which we drank any more one glass of wine. And here I understood that my look again falls on her breast. The marine, certainly noticed again it, and only cunning smiled. As I learned from conversation it lives houses one as recently got divorced from husband. And all of us passed to such juicy subjects more that I felt as in the bottom of a stomach me the sweet languor starts to pull.

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I need time. I do not insist on that you answered immediately. Certainly, think. But, frankly speaking, I would not advise to you to refuse my offer. I noticed your rush, desire to tear up to pieces my impudent physiognomy.

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And on this thanks, the darling. To me after all, it is absolutely not necessary to communicate with you when at my order I have your bewitching treasury. Having taken out the member, I shivering from passion stepped to it. From its touch is hotter, the filled-out head, she shuddered. I did not want to force it therefore started to prepare, voluptuously driving it on its damp crevice, testing thus truly танталовы torments. I so would not like sharply, with pleasure, to thrust it.