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Tanya tried чтолибо to ask, but was not in time, earned the selector. Here it is my Rubicon, already return will not be, the woman thought guarded, the consciousness sounded alarm. So my blessed walked, simply so, from kabelyachy lust, how many time hearings came to a drugstore, there where it worked, gradually coming back to reality and with inhuman efforts taking itself in hands, Well this scumbag walked simply so, and I for the sake of a family, for the sake of children and anything with me not to happen, I will be a piece of meat, there will be a time the skank. Well here to you, the skank, the blyadyushka, and your dream was embodied.

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Knows that the devilishly sexual. as that on a corporate party I told to it that would have it with pleasure, if not the husband. and now in warm salon, on soft seats, stroking me on a knee and raising a hand everything is higher on a foot, looking without coming off in eyes reminds me of it. his look simply dements, the remains of reason depart together with a cigaret smoke, and the cigaret is closer to the end, the higher it a hand and the less resistance she meets on the way. after all understands that I want it. more truly simply I want, at all it it is concrete.

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I, smiled. But, you, flogged me then. Did not regret. I do not know. Can they called you so that you were shone, gilded in our eyes, as a mote in a ray of sunlight.

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They shot at a step to its spasms. Tanechk open a mouth please I cannot restrain. I needed as to try to be in time nothing behind it and to swallow. I cannot explain but me it so raised that itself seized her hips nestling on it. And Olga only constantly cried out. Swallow please, expensive to me it is so good, swallow quicker, the clear head swallow, you are a charm.