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I helped it to rise. It rose, sighed, having slightly swayed, and laughed. yes I am already simply indecently drunk, I see nothing she whispered. yes, it is good, only she carefully whispered. in buttocks she more deeply asked and quicker, I now will terminate.

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And I to it from Solar spring snowdrifts where me the rehabilitation center I Try to beg about beautiful bedding for the next night. He bought cream and аромолампу too, and oils, speaks at me much. And suddenly the night before, he so reports. that mother and the stepfather made effort, mother from me not delighted and тд. I asked its figures of the birth. Made a horoscope, a formula of Soul and our compatibility.

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Katenka, addressed it to the cute nurse accompanying us with abrupt forms, See off, please, boys in their chamber, let settle down, vobshchy, you know what to do. Good luck, the military commissar assured me that you are responsible children and will not bring us. Us placed in usual chamber on the same floor in the left wing, in the right there were women in labor. We took a shower and took seat on the beds, gradually accustoming on a new place.

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Could not come off. Overcame itself, Katyushkinykh of lips came off from greedy. Next day I went to Katya and in me two fought Thrust it to me in inside. Katya in powerlessness laid down on me and only deeply breathed, sometimes sobbing.