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The chief, certainly, yet was not. Having come back home, I saw that the wife here did not appear The next day, having come to work, I learned that the chief at myself in an office. I was right there knocked to it Passed two more days. Lenka home did not return. On Friday I was called by the chief.

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Вот already on a lap slowly pulls together from it pants looking as появлются hair on a pubis and the basis члена. трусы creep down and here it jumps out on freedom. The wife kisses. лижит on all длине.

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Conversation turned on women and all decided that is quite good whom нибудь выебать. the husband by the car brought up, I told that with girlfriends I go to a bath well pass it passed in a room and saw 4 more men. yes, your girlfriends could not, so for themselves and for those girls, I joked they with me will not pay off, Olga told meaning Nastya with Svetka. it passed in a room, pulled down from itself jeans, a jacket.

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And here I understood that my look again falls on her breast. The marine, certainly noticed again it, and only cunning smiled. As I learned from conversation it lives houses one as recently got divorced from husband. And all of us passed to such juicy subjects more that I felt as in the bottom of a stomach me the sweet languor starts to pull. The marine, in turn looked at me the same look, as on interview.