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I lay a breast on a table and panted. It was pleasant to me, the child. I will not dismiss you. Go to a lavatory be washed a little.

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As well as me. Gdeto in me the anticipation чегото gradually accrued. I took it by the hand and silently took away in a drawing room. Sat down on a favourite sofa.

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Then bringing up it home I told даа, Olya, I remember what chicken you came to us to work and what блядью you became. I want the second child, she quietly told, with the husband over these we will work. and покааа, выеби me in a mouth at parting. I terminated it in a mouth, it rinsed a mouth fanty and went home to do with the husband of the second child. Change and female fight I found the new hairdresser and the master on nails, on our district there were many boutiques with clothes, generally I did not miss, allocating considerable funds from the family budget for the needs. When the husband was in business trip, presumed to visit to itself night club, cheerfully to spend time with the girlfriends, it is natural attention there me did not deprive, from there new acquaintances and attempts to drag me in a bed.

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Expression of her face said me that to it it is infinitely good. At the same time in a look the alarm was felt. Alarm of that I look at it, alarm how I will apprehend all this. The right hand it feverishly ironed my knees, but a groin did not reach.