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It opened a luggage carrier of the Mercedes and ordered us to lay down in it. We silently obeyed it. The Basisty roar of the engine forced us to be nervous. Our life in hands of this maiden and to these everything is told.

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But thus, from for a milk large quantity, became improbably dense and elastic to the touch and instead of dangling and drooping, These six liter cans were poured as two ripe melons and stuck out forward large nipples. The main problem at that time was that these two udders were not located not only the biggest bra falls out from all directions, but also they could not be hidden the most free dress. And that that they as the magnet draws lewd views of all men. And it without saying that she often dressed blouses and jackets with such deep cut that was visible a slice of a brown aura of a nipple appearing through through a lacy translucent bra.

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