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Already all the same. Having left their ladies' room I notice it, near a table. Eyes fall to a floor, to go, feeling on itself drilling look, I nearby, still a little bit and all. One movement of a hand it forces to stop.

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After that, както time having come for Masha for work, I faced with Ashotom in a reception and he invited me to itself(himself) in an office. Drank a konyachka, conversation was switched to Masha, I began to provoke Mashinogo the chief, saying that with it probably is very pleasantly worked. He attentively looked at me. I отсел on a chair also provided Ashota my wife, having told that I will observe while from outside. He undressed, and I saw that Cars the lover is extremely hairy, his member is thicker than mine and with a bend.

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Then he lay down on a sofa. And I sat down at his feet and took in a mouth it the become soft tired member, began to lick gently and accurately it. The owner liked to doze, that I was near and quietly sucked at it хуй. The chief fell asleep and even захрапел. I легонечко and with tenderness sucked at it and remembered the hard life.

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And it is exact, It is brisk so undertook to lick my eggs hanging down in a stool and a trunk of the member that I came as if a ship in the harbor. And once, when I banged the Olya in the daddy, it suddenly removed swimming trunks and was attached near it, frankly showing the plentifully greased hole. Before my look at once there was a choice and so that I did not sustain and having pulled a condom, the member inserted into his buttocks. Its buttocks appeared is not worse nearly than my Olya. Anal muscles of an anus were well developed, they appeared so wide and hard that I hardly failed in his thick intestines. And when I began to do progress, Yurochka moaned as Olga.