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In one corner there was our bed, and other corner there was a spread-out sofa on which the man approximately my age and a constitution slept. I am Sergey to me 40 years growth the 187th weight the 95th member 13 see. The wife my Lyudmila growth the 165th weight of 74 kg a breast of the second size is very sexual, likes to wear short dresses and to excite imagination of men the legs high-heeled. Having woken up we got acquainted with our flatmate his Vladimir it was slightly lower than me growth but very much with well developed muscles, in the past he was a skier and reached from his words of big heights.

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Other dude, Guy, pale as death, had cut under a penalty white as if snow, but at the same time is slightly more yellow than his face, the hair fitted by a black short hat. There passed week as I moved. Kakto to me came Glem as it seemed to me, in very raised condition. We sat on a ladder before a door when Glem told news, having thrown a hand to me through a shoulder. Then it slightly облакатился on me, having told that for the Russian peasant I very beautiful. It was pleasant to me a little, but I did not take offense that to demand from the American youth knowledge of Russian history.

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I sat on her foot and continued to bang, holding her foot to a canopy. Я admired that as her breast in a step to my movements is rolled. I ironed its round buttocks. Rimmulya closed eyes and groaned.

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Guys loudly sighed, I only and heard. Irka, I yours. Irka I looked at buttocks, black shorts and on the bared sponges that now so impudently proved to be, shorts were shifted aside, I was confused that saw, but it was pleasant probably not only me, and all at the same time. Irka did nothing, it stood as stood, showing us the ostrenky buttocks, and partially covered genitals. A velvety chink, its sponges slightly stuck out outside, shorts looked to a place, they that did not close. I stroked its buttocks, here Irka proved, moved it here and there, speaking to that, here such I am a beauty.