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It opened a luggage carrier of the Mercedes and ordered us to lay down in it. We silently obeyed it. The Basisty roar of the engine forced us to be nervous. Our life in hands of this maiden and to these everything is told.

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Cherry aroma сигарелл mixed up with aroma of cognac and it filled an office with special taste. The tried-out drink started to stupefy slowly. At this time in a corridor fuss was heard какаято. I switched off a desk lamp and silently approached to the door.

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It will occupy no more than half an hour. Kovalsky quite inconsiderately glanced through a shoulder of the chief in the procedural. Having seen there the nurse sitting on a couch from the office, it playfully made it the handle. Clearly. winked Kovalsky and jumped out of the procedural.

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What here нахрен friendship. That look, the head you will bite off. It is sensitive, as gunpowder. In merge with to. I feel deprived, left I tried to be switched, communicated with girlfriends, but. they in any way did not replace it.