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I decided not to refuse to it, I wanted it very strongly. I could not refuse to myself in pleasure. I explained to him that at first it will be very sick, and then it is very good. At me was not neither greasings, nor gel, it was necessary to manage simple saliva.

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Her hand stroked his breast. Sergey gave a hand and put a palm on an elastic buttock of the girl. Skin was gentle and silky. It ironed the back of the girl easy krugoobrazny movements. It moved a foot, having concerned his intense member.

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I noticed that at me hands shiver. It is necessary, it is necessary, I firmly told another's voice, give further. All right. Generally, this man hairy, Mikhail, tears from me.

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The guy a finger entered into an anus of the spouse, she looked at it and nodded, it pulled out the member, and sent to buttocks of my wife. My member again rose, I was in a predkusheniye, whether the buttocks of my wife such member are capable to accept, after all even 25 cm the vibrator did not enter into her anus. The wife turned a back to the guy and itself started to twist buttocks as though to accept the huge member in the anus there was her unique treasured desire. And here the head entered and the member began to get in the wife. I was shocked, it was visible that it causes it pain, but she was silent.