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From Yulka there was a bewitching aroma of the French perfume, far Moscow life where it is not necessary to hide and bend down, where all measuredly and clearly. The smell of its spirits eclipsed itself barracks smell, a smell of tens man's bodies lying in one tent. Her hands reached for fire, her slender beautiful fingers wanted to be warmed after January cold. Yulka was dressed in a semi-military form which on it sat silly, concealing its figure.

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Irka, you sexual, told Andrey, it is not fair. That only the chief looks at you, it is not fair, the indignation Andrey again continued. Yes, Victor, the chief right there picked up, it is not honest, I am ready to make the complaint. I stick out, Andrey again told, and it is possible, will a little be developed, and showed hands as it is figurative, developed in the party Irka.