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Exactly in forty eight hours meeting of an academic council of AN branch should pass the decision on award to it of degree of the doctor of historical sciences. Hello he saw on a threshold of the elderly strong combined person. Hello Yury answered it, without giving any reason for conversation continuation. The person right there occupied the bottom shelf opposite, having carelessly thrown nearby a dark-brown case.

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There will be to you years fifteen, will start to drink tablets and then it will be again possible. For now only with an elastic band and it is very accurate. Hа future to you council if will tear, at once properly wash out inside warm water under a pressure. Fragile charm of modesty.

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In the Imperial estate. It even was better inactive work in a stuffy room promoted such choice. I sounded daughters that I meet in park the children's psychologist, and left. My mother called and it was necessary to get out and before it and to explain that for a meeting at me will take place. It and the daughter were slightly shocked.

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We drank for a meeting and were accepted to a dinner. As it was cool to meet child-hood friends. We so well each other understood, remembered each trick from our life. A lot of alcohol was drunk. Amin went to kitchen чтото to bring, I left in a lavatory, having left оттудова directly went to kitchen to drink waters. Having asked waters for Amina, having drunk water met face to face it and kissed her on the mouth, she answered me.