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Alenka laid down meanwhile a back on a table and threw feet to me on shoulders. Then threw back the head back and began to pinch to itself nipples through a fabric. The orgasm did not keep itself waiting long, Alenka all began to tremble, feet задергались at me on shoulders, shoes flied. During this moment in an office the man glanced какойто, and having fluently thrown on us a look, addressed to the wife with a request not to be late, as for it wait at the table. The situation ordinary with sex of the wife on a table simply killed me. I as in a fog terminated in писюльку wives and sat down back in a chair.

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The heap of compliments and more sexual toasts further followed. After one of them Alenych rose from a chair and, having turned a bottom to the boss, bent down to unbutton boots and showed magnificent naked the daddy. On a face of the boss the blissful smile blossomed. In the last ten minutes it entered me into a stupor twice.