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Under the hot sun we were quickly warmed up and went to bathe. Rimma appeared the good swimmer From her words on the last duty station there was a pool and it had a possibility to float all the year round. Накупавшись we went to sunbathe, drinking cold white wine. I asked Rimma on a tattoo on a foot.

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It is necessary to tell that my wife, the lady beautiful and with a quite good figure, but very strict rules. Once I as though for fun suggested it to participate in group sex and it made me scandal Though when it was drunk it relaxed and asked me to tell чтонибудь erotic and in the course of the story she added the imaginations. Sometimes, besides after drunk she asked that that unusual, for example to rape her. it got the stockings, a short skirt from a case, a T-shirt dressed all this, I started to stick to it, it started to resist, I broke it a hand for a back and began it ебать.

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It worked smoothly. He offered it the help, saw to the door, and time the lady was hurt so by a foot that she asked it to help to remove it footwear in a hall. The lover it was slightly higher than an average, but the majority of women would find it magnificent. Its youthful angularity in affairs intimate with interest was compensated by the same youthful activity and surplus of hormones in an organism. And bigger it was not necessary for it. They fell asleep already deeply in a midnight.

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Here such here life. Game to a checkmate Legionaries got tired, it was a high time to arrange a halt. Became znoyno, the soft sun stole up to a zenith. Relax, children, strategist Perikl nodded and all with relief sighed, all rather got a bit tired. The gray rough stones of a slope which were sticking out изпод of an otzelenevshy short grass pinned bare feet.