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From these thoughts I was on the top of the world. I was secretly enamoured so long ago of it, the wife of the friend, I dreamed of it, envied the friend and right there suffered from a remorse. I therefore that also happened so often at them on a visit to see it, Larissa. Now I did not feel guilty, I did not tempt her, did not withdraw from the husband. Today her banged crowd, and what difference, with me, or without me, all the same her banged all. Including two more his friends.

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By then all my fighters already were washed in a bath and happy We fell asleep as small children in the beds with Yulka sat down near a burning oven, I opened a shutter, from an oven struck heat of fire to which I so aspired several hours ago. From Yulka there was a bewitching aroma of the French perfume, far Moscow life where it is not necessary to hide and bend down, where all measuredly and clearly. The smell of its spirits eclipsed itself barracks smell, a smell of tens man's bodies lying in one tent. Her hands reached for fire, her slender beautiful fingers wanted to be warmed after January cold. Yulka was dressed in a semi-military form which on it sat silly, concealing its figure. Yes of course, I will be grateful.

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And when once again he told that it is necessary to arrange a cool bang three together, I did not treat it indifferently, but kept silent. When Ahmed called Alik and invited them, I hoped that it will arrive together with Karina and anything will not occur today. But Alik arrived one. And when late at night, after sex with Ahmed to us Alik entered and put my hand on the member, I did not resist, did not draw aside a hand, I kept silent Ahmed. In the morning I woke up before all.