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I am Irina Aleksandrovna the teacher in technical training college, you much already know about me. New academic year my graduates and so began left. And I began to look for to myself new lovers among students, but searches were tightened already about new year. On eve of new year I decided to call Simbe. Hallo, Simbochka it I am Irina Aleksandrovna, you still did not forget me. Hello, Irina, you the nobility missed sex of times to me call.

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And it is so tasty and professional that it seemed entirely enters into her mouth. Feeling which overflowed me not to describe, here were both jealousy and passion and love, but all them was muffled by lust. I pulled together trousers and was attached behind, sharply entered into a cat of the wife, observing, as it sucks away the huge member. Two minutes later I terminated and left to be washed, I was not minutes 5, having entered into a room I охренел even more, my wife lay on a back, her feet were moved apart on 180 degrees and the guy entered into it in all length of the member.

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They shot at a step to its spasms. Tanechk open a mouth please I cannot restrain. I needed as to try to be in time nothing behind it and to swallow. I cannot explain but me it so raised that itself seized her hips nestling on it.