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I physically feel, how the stream of sperm strikes in Larissa's throat, it is instinctively discharged, but the seed continues to take off pushes to it for the person, on hair, eyebrows, a fine-molded nouse, on is opaque swarty cheeks. It seems, I shout, but the wadded fatigue, powerlessness in the feet cramped by a spasm already envelop me, the head is turned, in a mouth suddenly dries up and devastated, I fall on a sofa. Darkly crimson member overhangs to the hip middle. From it the sticky stream lasts.

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Give not now Ilya I told. There is Irina Aleksandrovna no times came be kind to scatter feet on the first call. And his hand already in all caressed my cat and a clitoris. I was again raised and rose in a bathroom having leaned about walls, we were all in a fine, I turned to Ilya a back it nestled on me kissing a back and holding me by a breast, I felt buttocks as his member costs. Slightly bulged buttocks, it right there sent the member to buttocks and entered, holding me by hips it the member I pushed in my buttocks groaned from pleasure and it increased that rigidly banged me in buttocks, I a hand fingered a clitoris and fingers got into myself, And Ilya banged all and banged me in buttocks, did not gather yet to finish I again sat down in a bath and it terminated to me in a face I having pinched sperm posledka with his member, it washed it and left only I began to wash away from a face sperm came Egorych and a picture repeated it too tired out the member in buttocks and banged me standing at a bath, and I having bent stood in a bath.

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But my memory constantly returns me to events bygone. When I married for the first time for love. My darling Irina appeared extremely frigid woman. My education did not allow me to change to the beloved wife that forced to suffer me as I had no normal sexual life, and there were only one sexual sufferings. I will not describe a detail of all this nightmare, and I will tell as I got acquainted with the constant mistress Marina, and that then followed further.

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Child. Here so. There's a good lad. It sharply took out from me the member.