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Wedding. As well as everything, we went for a drive, on the city. I did not restrain, and asked to call in for work. Saw it, Zhenkina eyes.

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Sergey too started to be accelerated synchronously. To the third movement I felt that my head in чтото rested, in the fourth that the trunk is pressed to the top sky by a uvula, to the fifth that a head, having felt resistance, failed further, Lera's nose rested against a groin, and the partner accepted my rhythm, the sixth movement in Lera a head, was tumbled down already easily, thus I felt that the trunk rubs about wrapped up language, and the bridle rubs about a throat, the seventh and eighth movement passed in accruing speed, on the ninth my trunk strained, Lera it pushed even more strongly in a throat, at started to redden a neck, acted veins, and for a fraction of a second before I terminated, it made glotatelny movement or чтото such as a yawn, my head densely clasped a throat, I received the wildest orgasm. Some more seconds I held her head hands densely pressed to the pubis then quietly started to release and the member allowed it to pull out from a throat. Despite that she obviously choked, suffered, it was uncomfortable and probably sick with it, it without having recovered the breath exhausted that did not stream in it, the member licked, crept up, holding for Sergey's buttock to my person and passionately me kissed, having transferred the remained drops of my sperm from the mouth to me. I was at pleasure top.

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More shortly when we came from walk the next evening, silently as mice, even the decent dinner waited for us on a table. It was the good beginning. To me got mother's foreign shampoo and soap. And here Glory this time washed tar soap it is severe need, he explained. Even I try to wash on less often, and to have a shave too skin such. It was silent, I observed passing in the dark nights, tired people.

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Sweetie pie. Gentle my flower. Joy of my heart. I miss you madly. The ex-husband was going to move.