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And then strange things began at all. And I turned back. Better I would get this accursed volume. And in general I strongly was mistaken, having tried to get it. I at all did not consider that my short skirt can move down so strongly on my smooth hips up.

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We sat down in a car and in five minutes we were on a beach, there were some pairs and ten men of different calibre, we with the wife раделись and began the rest, thus when near us passed, the man the wife looked on his member and dug out the imaginations. We bathed and sunbathed and having returned started to prepare for a dream as anybody washed away that in the evening or was not to hide everything went naked so it turned out that we with Vladimir took a shower while Lyudmila that conjured in front of the mirror, and we in yours laid down on a bed and spoke among themselves about policy, about football and any nonsense. Thus we lay absolutely naked and us it is in a certain way did not confuse. Lyudmila who has left from a bathroom was in a short dressing gown hardly covering its delights, it approached to us and told that she wants to lay down too on a bed, we moved and the place appeared between us, Lyudmila looked at me as if asking permissions, I clapped on a bed and invited her to lie down.

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Now they already lay in classical style and Ahmed accurately entered the small member into its bosom. I dumped swimming trunks, drew near closer, took the Dyne hand in the and put it on the member. Ahmed Thinking call Ahmed. I am married to the fine woman by name of the Dyne. We lived in common many years happy life. The dyne is very sexual, is raised instantly and is ready to sex at any time.

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Here, child, what close. Here it is pleasant to me. he spoke taking out from me the member. Hot liquid began to flow on feet. I lay a breast on a table and panted.