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The first step and everything will repeat again All right, let so. This place for me did not prepare any other options. The first step and and everything will begin. The feeling of movement rises above and fills a stomach bottom.

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I very quietly delayed and removed its shorts to knees. Started to kiss language and to caress buttocks and a crotch. If before it did not show that woke up, after these ласк it removed the remains of clothes and we continued. As usual, right after sex I turn to the wife a back and I fall asleep. Was not an exception and this time.

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But she only looked and grinned. Again, same quizzical and predatory glance. But it, held it, simply held. Feeling, as it, all poured, and ready to be discharged, pulsed in Her hand. It simply held it. It groaned, trembled, demanded, shouted.

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Tyaff. It seized me by a neck and dragged up to itself. Uuummm. It flung away me aside and ordered to rise in a corner. Further before eyes everything floated, I only managed to hear as my Sovereign, called up Nastya to myself and enjoined over it to kneel. Further everything darkened.