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On a lot of things do not count. Good, gradually. Probably and there is more than once, but it depends on your behavior. You will behave well, probably I will think of compensation. It, confusedly turned pink.

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In merge with to. I feel deprived, left I tried to be switched, communicated with girlfriends, but. they in any way did not replace it. And then I unexpectedly was caught in the rain, when one again walked. Without you grustinka My cruelty, my causticities And then I rang out in hospital.

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Towards evening I went itself to a beach, did not want anything except how to be bought. Left clothes and in swimming trunks went to water. Managed to swim for a while and dive a little. And here I notice Natasha who came into water. It was in a black separate bathing suit which emphasized its figure.

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Когда by Egorych it came to the senses told. Yes Ilya you surprised me. I and school wanted to drive all to you, but why that seemed to me that you not criminal. Егорыч why we retired, why not in a room where celebrated new year, I told. I thought you will hesitate, he answered.