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And to give birth any more did not advise you will sustain, the moustached handsome the doctor smelling as onions with a potato and fragrant Bessarabia wine told когдато already long ago. If not this business trip in the regional center, if not these elections as natural disaster each five years attacking the country, anything would not happen in its monotonous life in the next many years. It could go still to study, promote, rise even above on an office ladder, to become the mayor or the chairman of administration but it it was a pity to waste time and forces for study, когдато long ago already terribly grown hateful. And these forces, by and large, any more was not.

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Contract at any cost. Part 2 In few minutes the tiny graceful brunette entered into an office, bearing a tray with tonic, a lime, a lemon, cognac and four misted-over glasses filled with golden liquid. For a start I suggest you to try tincture from our Far East herbs. Yes, I forgot to be presented Alexey, and my deputy George who knows financial side of a question now will approach.

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It reddened and having inclined the head, for a long time reflected. To be ustupchivy, it means, to become his mistress and to fool around, disagree, then her family, certainly, will lose the apartment and will be on the street. And it yet the most terrible that can happen with them. It will be guilty to them and sense of guilt, will tire out it in a loop. Change to the husband, of course, big meanness, but thanks to change to it, it will keep wellbeing of a family. Her children will not be lost in a cellar or a gate, will not get into orphanage.

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I got for the first time on that part of a balcony and to time got to the huge room on style чемто reminding very cozy secret room that was available in Yury's office. Only there was not a double bed, and a set of the most convenient sofas, chairs, little tables. Fine intimate situation. Yury undertook to drive me on his apartments. It appears, at it from this room some exits were direct in its office. Olga 8th part.