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I did not need to change poses. Our family are filled in I worked much and quite diligent, not to tell that so it is heavy in dark with the smoked windows from a street sunlight, shops of our enterprise. And it is not surprising that for the weekend as a magnet impetuously me pulled on the nature, on the small river, on a beach naturally nudist and with the wife certainly. And the wife certainly on my desperate request the golenky sunbathed. Over time we chose our most comfortable constant place on a nudist beach.

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Here I felt that, чтото the cool and pleasant concerns my anus, most likely it there was hand a cream, or чтото similar. Igor gently greased my hole, thrust a finger and greased an internal part too, it was very pleasant to me, then it started to caress my bum, he kissed my buttocks, ironed them, touched a hand my small eggs and the member, and also licked an anus. After several friktsy my anus Igor's member, most likely his member started to pass well was not such thick as mine. And the similar orgy turned out at us, I banged Olya who was under me, and behind me in a bottom my chief hollowed in a step to my movements. So we struck about fifteen minutes, these minutes were full охов, groans and shouts as for my part, and from Olya, Igor only nervously puffed behind. Well Serezh, you well showed yourself, I and thought that we will get on.

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Yes. I love children, Levan Ashotovich. But Lenka pulled out his trunk from a mouth Spoke Yes, she is a bitch Spoke. Spoke. Can.

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You can be quiet, with it you will have no problems, at least, while nearby I. He smiled the irresistible smile which demented not one woman. It was the blow below the belt, he obviously did not expect such question, but почемуто considered it timely. Well, I consider that life is made, in it there is everything that is necessary to the person, it is possible to find, it is necessary only very to want, manage to find, make every effort.