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For fear, it trembled all over, without trying to cover the nakedness at all. It and faced this crowd of geeks, in the center there was this doctor. With these words it pulled out a belt from trousers and waved with it in air. Kneel before the daddy.

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Voleynevoley you will learn to understand and answer it is necessary. But the tenth finished already here, at usual Moscow school. The idea was mother's, the father supported, well and me there was no place to disappear. A shovel did not teach to wave, it would not be desirable to drag bags. Therefore advertized in the newspaper in tutoring on English.

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Next day we with the godfather went behind meat and binge and wives remained in camp having bought everything and having arrived back to me Olya told that you left and we laid down to sunbathe and Katya having removed swimming trunks I laid down stark naked faced to the sun repeated without having passed and ten minutes to us from the sun approached almost in dense to us those young children and having stood asked. And here I them only saw you and having shifted feet told that the father asks you in shop it is necessary that having covered with a hand a cat and having risen Katya answered is not present and laid down back having turned back they swimming trunks went back and I speaks dressed and went to cut salads. Having told I to it that are guilty and kissed there came evening a shish kebab and alcohol were ready to the use and guests did not keep themselves long all came waiting Olya with the godmother ran in bathing suits and having laid a table we sat down I the godfather and two men drank vodka of the little girl of martini and boys beer. At midnight them sent to sleep and continued to drink and communicate vodka flew like water and I at all did not understand as was disconnected. Having risen from that that very much dried up in a throat I on found wives already dawned and having glanced on the way to water to drink saw that Katya too is not present having approached to the godfather began to bother and ask it for wives but the zero of emotions slept like a log.

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Having unbuttoned a raincoat, I at last felt its delights. Thought of one bang, but the erection was very painful. Having kissed at parting her lips, I said goodbye to it. When went home, thought that it now does. Likely at first will go to a bathroom, trying it will be cleared of sperm and dirt. Then will go to a bedroom, will fail on a bed and will understand that it will not help.