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At first all children at embassy studied, and as with English made friends, so all of us six to college and transferred. Voleynevoley you will learn to understand and answer it is necessary. But the tenth finished already here, at usual Moscow school. The idea was mother's, the father supported, well and me there was no place to disappear. A shovel did not teach to wave, it would not be desirable to drag bags. Therefore advertized in the newspaper in tutoring on English.

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Moved apart her feet, hung the head and started slowly and to lick her cat gently. On what she deeply sighed. Having licked minute, turned the head and looked on Amin, she greedy looked at me, its mouth was slightly opened, and it was played with the language doing circular movement on lips. Yes she now perfectly understood that now it in loss because we now manipulate it and we enjoy at it.