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Employment I want to tell to you quite interesting story which occurred to me at employment. Kakto absolutely casually came across the announcement in the newspaper about employment, I still studied during that moment but as there was a summer thought why and few months not to work. Therefore decided to descend on interview, you never can tell. Called a taxi, arrived to office, rose by the 12th floor, on a reception quite nice girl sat, we lovely communicated and she led me to a firm director's office. At once I will specify on the street there was a summer and quite hot day therefore with clothes I especially did not subtilize stood out and dressed chulochka, a short skirt and a legenky jacket.

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You rise and turn to me a back. Your hand still does not release IT. You slightly bend forward and caress THEM yourself. You drive them on the cat, then is slightly higher. You are late at a small peshcherka and again you conduct it to the wet rose. YOU delay pleasure.

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Since the first instant after we unclenched our embraces, the worm of doubt crept in in my unfortunate head. It can and is silly, but disturbed only one, that I did not enter it completely. Contact it seems also was, but such superficial. Yes, I was splashed out in it, but гдето here, almost on a shallow. At Zina with the games-master as was.

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She looked at me beautiful green eyes, and lips. Yes, so to love, as ours loves blood, Anybody from you any more does not love. You forgot that in the world there is a love Which burns down and ruins. It would be desirable in madness in bloody knot of a kiss Having pulled together vicious, liqueurs a smelling mouth, to Fall, and, a hunting, long knife полосуя, to Cut to pieces naked, painfully gentle stomach. It laid down, I did not begin to adhere it. Having taken a knife, I gently carried out on her lower lip, then on the.