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Jack woke up late next day, the sun in all shone behind a window. At once he felt that with it чтото not so. His skin was dry and hot, in a mouth there was an unpleasant smack. Suddenly he remembered about a yesterday's sting and the falling. It reached to the scrotum and tore off a plaster, examining a wound.

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In the morning I woke up before all. There were no seven more, but the sun already looked out изза mountains. Hot summer rays of light got into a bedroom and warmed everything around the warmth. Having sat down on a bed I looked back around. Near me Alik lay.

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More shortly, both of them on me pulled hard, I even could not breathe. Lenka again became silent and her eyes darkened. It is visible, anew endured all this scene. We sighed almost at the same time.

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Just, its size. It and it, provided. Having made coffee, it passed in a hall and, having taken the first cartridge, inserted it into the videorecorder. Included and densely reddened, having seen on the screen, naked Sergey. Paradise if you chose this cartridge, I would like, that you learned in advance, with whom you should deal.