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I do not see it, I do not hear and I do not feel as it breathes, if breathes in general. But I feel its flesh. His intense stomach, his hands wandering on my body. They strong. They can crush me if will want, to deprive of breath and life, but I know that it will not be.

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In a room there were three beds. Two beds were constantly occupied, and one always was empty, on a case of arrival to business trip of whom нибуть from our department. Having talked nonsense, it remained to spend the night at us in a room on a free bed. There was time. He was now the constant guest in our room.

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As it is possible to drop such woman as. ответил I. Meters through hundred Natasha told that I released it on a grass and I obeyed. We approached to a remarkable place where could be engaged in pleasant sex.

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Disorder in everything, in economy, in a moral abutment, psychology, in the country was the real bedlam. Monologues of Gorbachev of all lasting many hours got, the active idler, simply philosopher, the demagogue and everything, with Yeltsin's coming to power appeared hope, but only hope. Money was not, hyper inflation, was necessary to change every morning the prices for the goods, a salary for years any more did not give out, pensions froze, the country slowly degraded and died out. Also it was necessary to me to live during this period, I remember and I shudder.