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Nearly a kick having flung away Sashka who has rushed under feet and having bellowed at it, opened a door and without waiting the lift purposefully went on an administrative floor. On the way putting thoughts in order, trying to pacify rage bubbling inside and to be adjusted on business conversation. All right, pass this Holguin the throat was intercepted by a spasm. It came after it and slammed a door.

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Guys looked at me, I understood their condition, understood that in them everything rages and is ready will be cast out in any second. I kissed Irka and went to the pool, having swum up to them I told. Irka wants you, and having kept silent some seconds, for judgment of that I told added, she is not a prostitute, guys knowingly began to nod, time is not limited, kiss, caress, make love as you it would be desirable, but if she says no, then is not present and is not important on what will be it is not present, guys again began to nod if it will want once again, this her right, still, bandage not to remove. And I pointed a finger at Victor, it the first floated to Irka, Andryushka strongly was upset, I suggested it to go to drink, on what he was delighted and at once swallowed two piles. Time passed not considerably, and here Irka tested an orgasm, it did not constrain herself in anything and if she received it, received wholly. Irka shouted, I knew this tone, now it caves in, all body as a string unnaturally, nosochka are extended, and hands are pressed to a breast, even seconds ten and it will calm down.

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I turned a back. It patiently soaped a back. And irresolutely stood. Never thought that it brings such pleasure when to you wash feet. It took them gently and barehanded soaped from anklebones to calves. It started to soap my hips.

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And it, having removed from the face a box with cologne, turned the face to friends skipping round it. Those amicably stopped and tried to snatch out a box from his hands, but it having jumped aside, got a hand for a back and it rescued a gift from aggressors. Boys amicably were accepted дербанить packing, extracting contents, and then snatching out each other a bottle began to splash on itself contents. On a room the exciting smell of good man's cologne floated. In the evening, already sitting in a cafe and having a little drunk, they, trying to outvoice a roar of columns, amicably told stories from the programmer lives. It was so close and clear to Olga that she sincerely regretted that national music under which you will not dance around rattles and will not talk quietly, and that tell a half of that simply is not audible.