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Hastily washout foam of Turkish soap we went to put on, silently, without having uttered words. I took a towel and dry wiped still the excited body of the girlfriend, each her fold, each hillock, it gently held my drooped member in the hands and smiled. Having left a stuffy bath on an easy morozets, I looked in the dark star sky, on distant posts lighting rockets, zelenokrasny routes from bullets as if glowworms were carried away in the sky soared up. There was not a real feeling.

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I now will retire to it, and you will come minutes through ten. No, Galina Fiodorovna. We will enter together and to undress you, there will be I. Well, well. With ostentatious indifference having shrugged shoulders, testing an internal shiver, it entered into a bedroom.

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Alik entered the semi-standing member into me completely and laid down on me. I was at pleasure top. We lay in this situation very long. I felt Alik's weight on myself, I felt it the member in myself.

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She understood that she face of the company, and tried to look on all hundred. It was loved by all and respected, for attentiveness to people, for the counterbalanced character and for justice in relation to employees. Council began in due time. Having passed all points of discussion, having distributed duties among directors and having released them on workplaces. She asked the secretary to bring it coffee.