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However, there came the moment when I fell in love with the future second wife, and wanted to tear with the old mistress Marina. Therefore I started to scoff at it, to say it any scurrilous things, I you any more do not love type that it блядь, the bitch, a laying, the whore, etc. However, Marina, with firmness took down my insults, and did not want to leave me. She asked ебли with me, always waited for me at home, a floor undressed, without pants, and a brassiere. I long could not leave it, nevertheless continued to visit her, to jerk off the member near her mouth, and to finish it in a mouth, without allowing to concern with her mouth of my member thus.

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Yes. Earlier with me never such was. I did not think at all earlier that it is possible to strike so with the guy. Having a little had a rest and having drunk waters, we went to bed. Some hours later I woke up from that ктото sucks to me dick. It was it.

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Only do not finish in me. Having slightly turned back, Marina whispered. I nodded and kissed her on an ear. Basin I felt its buttocks, but the boat was not entered yet up to the end. The slow part came to an end.

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Immediate superior Lyudochki with who at it, most likely, was quite close relations, tore and threw, trying to prevent this trip. However, she was the expert in underground constructions and the alternative candidate any more was not. Lyudochka with enthusiasm apprehended news about the forthcoming trip which gave the chance though for a week to escape изпод an eye of the chief and monotony of a family life. In the thirty two years it got the husband, two children and the strict chief who is not giving to it to descent and not only in work. Earlier I had to face it only on work and that not оченьто is frequent. Admiring a fine-molded figure, a nice attractive face and a dense shock of chestnut hair, I quite often imagined these hair swept on a pillow in a rush of passion, but then it there were only dreams.