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What to live so, it is quite normal. To me it became terrible from it, I perfectly understood that, to carry a collar, to creep on a lap, to spend the night in a cellar chained in shackles and to fall the person in a bottom at the sight of the Hostess, it not absolutely human life. Certainly ours with Nastya in comparison with that that Lisa already had a property, only a drop in the ocean. But it would be for it the real trophy and a clear victory over us. Let's return to a cellar.

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Though now even similar it was represented to skilled Yury quite problematic. I am a student financially economic. It put a glass only having tasted it. In general that this all shit, vanity puts, I was tired very much tired me all these superfluous pressures. As far as I understood you was tired of life, it simply tired you.

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I fast escaped in a room and pretended to be sleeping. It slowly came into a bedroom, threw off a dressing gown and laid down nearby under a blanket, without suspecting that I saw everything and I know about their sex. From it the astounding smell of the ottrakhanny woman proceeded and I as though half asleep embraced her and began to kiss on the mouth, it slightly opened a mouth and let in my language. It seemed to me that it under impression of my father, but I continued caresses and a hand got with it into shorts. Tatyana intercepted my hand, probably being afraid that I will understand everything, but I pretended to be that felt nothing and started to get fingers into her vagina. To tell that there it was wet, means nothing to tell, sperm of my father followed from its both holes, but I did not give a sign and continued the caresses.