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It became interesting to me and I decided to be late and look who will come. Soon the door opened and here a little drunk Natashka came into a toilet, thus not absolutely exactly standing on the feet. It lit a cigaret in a corridor and consequently it entered already all shrouded in clubs of a smoke which seemed вотвот will go at it from ears and at once went to a booth. There it having taken a bull-calf in a mouth lifted a skirt and flopped on a toilet bowl, having let out thus the next portion of a smoke then from it as from брандсбойта the powerful warm stream struck, thus the part missed in tights. Having peed, it lifted a skirt, sat down and tightened tights without letting out a bull-calf from a mouth, but here I called to her behind and from surprise at it the bull-calf dropped out of a mouth and got directly into a boot from what at it there everything smoked.

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A value lay on one side, faced to us and she managed to pull together from it pants and to jerk off to it one hand. It drunk that drunk, but at it rose and it even чтото lowed in a dream, moving a basin, representing еблю. Having asked me to take rest, Nadka kneeled faced to the husband and took it хуй in a mouth, and to me held up a bum as if inviting to enter into any of holes. And I entered. Потыкав a cunt, I put a head to a brown hole and entered into it. Then again changed openings.

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I started to be raised, вотвот the member will start to rise. Here I interrupted it. Irochka so I feel nothing, is better a mouth, to me so is more habitual. Without questions it bent down, bared a head and took it in a mouth.

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And I again appeared hanging in the middle of a room. Suck away also as you sucked at that man. I wanted to tell that I love my owner above all. And it to anybody will not be compared, but it was better to be silent and do, that to you order. I opened a mouth and the owner with force set to me the хуй.