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To you here laziness on days off water to drag and a bath to heat, invite, let will heat a bath, and then to you eggs will lick. Well not absolutely to get, let comes on days off, helps you and me on an economy, and then we to it to lick we let's What learn adequacy of its intentions, suddenly it is the person who likes to correspond simply, I wrote to it, would meet right now, but the member from sex with the wife did not manage to wash away, likely it so not conveniently He answers right there, on the contrary, even it will be pleasant to me the Darling, I was written off with it, he is ready to drive right now to us and отлизать at me. Хе, it it at me can отлизать, and at you can suck away, agree, let it will arrive and баньку will heat, and there it will be visible It answers right there, there are no problems, is ready to become your voluntary slave, call the address. Well give on first-name terms, I am Olga, and this is the husband my Sergey, I will tell honest that we called you what to employ you the free worker at us in the private house. If you agree to come sometimes to us and to be the full member of our family, both of us will achieve your dream, the husband let's to you suck away, and I отлизывать.

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You pass round its head. You enjoy it and take it entirely. You immerse in yourself. Simply you swallow humming from pleasure.

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From time to time kissing her nipples. I will not tell that soon, Ira began to breathe much more often. I held it for an ass and easily massed its anus. I see that the girl on the way.

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Pleasant cool water scattered in me. in some minutes I felt only purity in all body. I proceeded behind it in a big room, probably, a drawing room where some men who right there were accepted me рассмаривать already sat. Yes, the next two days will be long, I thought, kneeling. It only the beginning, continuation of the story follows. All most interesting is farther.