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We exchanged photos and one pair was pleasant to us. We agreed to meet in cafe. The girl was pleasant at once to me. Directly I, what I was ten years ago. It was unchained, dreamed to meet other pair, and was the initiator of a meeting from their party.

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I remember that whispered to it that I love it. I remember that she did not answer. As it was removed, and as I fell asleep I do not remember. Virgins on the left, the others to the right, Afrikanovna shouted to me.

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The left hand having pinched itself for an ear, whether checking a dream to it dreams, after that as though coming to the senses, suffering a question where I and where my things having wrapped up in a cover пошлепала in a bathroom in passing raking up the scattered things. okonchatelno having sobered up Light entered into a room, in a chair having drawn in feet and having embraced them the gone nuts Ooze sat. She was silent only eyes watched Sveta. Yes anything.

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Oh well you do, oh I now, oh I now will terminate put there more deeply more likely, I want more deeply. I want to terminate, oh give more deeply, give take me more strongly, bang me. she repeated. we told at the same time.