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I stayed in indecision minutes five. During this time Ahmed changed a pose. Now they already lay in classical style and Ahmed accurately entered the small member into its bosom. I dumped swimming trunks, drew near closer, took the Dyne hand in the and put it on the member.

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I already sat at a table and with concentration checked a writing-book with homeworks of my hooligan who has jumped out for a door. Next week acquaintances on giving call parents. To Hа there are two days. I refused, told, you to me are a lot of tasks надавал, it is necessary to learn.

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I obediently, but with shivering hands took the spouse who is modest for a lokotok, obediently looked down, being afraid to lift a look on the chief and brought to it. I carefully clung to lips of the wife, with disgust having clamped lips kissed directly on Sergey Aleksandrovich's bitter saliva, having noticed the grown dull, humiliated look of the spouse, I felt left out. Thanks Sergey Aleksandrovich that accepted us then it slowly moved apart the daddy, all intimate places of my girl for our Mister at once were provided to a look. Silence means consent This beautiful and true story about that as to me was possible to bring in ours with the wife sexual life and sexual life of our friend the unforgettable changes which have overturned our inner world. Alik But in 45 years in my life there was something about which I and want to tell. I have friend, the army colleague, call him Ahmed.

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And that who wants to take a fun. Sit down friends. The chief took away from me the panel, and men took seat on a sofa and began to watch me. I stood a cancer, in the middle of an office of the chief, and in me the artificial member of a new sample pulsed. Four men in suits and at ties, attentively watched my feelings.