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Give better than wine we will drink. Why and no, I poured almost full glasses. From have a snack there was a chocolate, on rezany, segments orange and banana. Natashka included radio, romantic music there played.

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If before it did not show that woke up, after these ласк it removed the remains of clothes and we continued. As usual, right after sex I turn to the wife a back and I fall asleep. Was not an exception and this time. But before it I saw that the Dyne was covered with a sheet, and Alik's hand carefully touched the Dyne hand.

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Money was. The only thing that saddened existence, so this absence of the girlfriend. I left beauty Vika without the slightest regret. because all its advantages were settled by a magnificent figure.

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After such meetings my wife will be, without hesitating to go on streets with the tired-out vagina, it hard anus there will be is opened by a wide hole, laying in shorts will be through impregnated with the Uzbek sperm, on her lips there will be a taste of the cut-off members. Turkish weekend First part. My name is Victor, me 38 years, my wife were executed 31 years this year, it is my second marriage, the truth the first lasted some years which I if remember, only as bad experience. We lead usual family life where there is a place for pleasure, for family scandals which quickly come to an end, as a rule, I I act as the initiator of reconciliation.